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Robo Trainer

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  • Perfect For K-9 apprehension drills
  • Puncture & Impact resistant
  • Zero Risk of bite suit injuries
  • Shoot With Taser/non-lethal projectiles

The ability of a law enforcement team to drill full force tactics repeatedly without the risk of injury to officers is invaluable to any agency. The Robo-Trainer from Krausko Tactical will take nonlethal munitions, tasers, and impact weapons for high-intensity training situations. The extreme durability and consistency of Robo-Trainer gives law enforcement the capability to train not only more intensely, but safer.  

Train harder with Robo-Trainer, police better for your community. 

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Be Prepared With
Control And
Defense Decoy
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Military grade durability allows officers to
simulate realistic force.
Practice Safely With
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Perfect for K-9 apprehension drills without
the risk of bite suit injuries.
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