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Control and Defense Decoy

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  • Perfect For K-9 apprehension drills
  • Puncture & Impact resistant
  • Zero Risk of bite suit injuries
  • Shoot With Taser/non-lethal projectiles

Practicing cuffing, takedowns and restraints with a willing partner can never effectively simulate dealing with an uncooperative suspect in the real world.

The Control and Defense Decoy is as uncooperative as they come.

Running drills with a partner that won’t get injured when things get rough is the only way to ensure your law enforcement team is prepared for high-stress situations in the field.

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Be Prepared With
Control And
Defense Decoy
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Military grade durability allows officers to
simulate realistic force.
Practice Safely With
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Perfect for K-9 apprehension drills without
the risk of bite suit injuries.
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